Three Questions 9/12/14

1. What tasks have you completed recently? 

Recently, I have completed tons of tasks in relation to homecoming. Poster decorating, spirit week planning, dress shopping, you name it! In terms of school, I have completed multiple chemistry labs, along with daily calculus assignments.
2. What have you learned recently?

Recently, I have learned that dropping AP psychology was a reallllllllllly good idea. It has taken a lot of stress off of my plate, and for that I am very grateful. In relation to school  and classes, I have learned about differentiability and derivatives in calculus, and reviewed precipitate reactions and electrolytes in chemistry.
3. What are you planning on doing next?

Next, I plan to review past chemistry concepts, particularly redox reactions, considering I was not successful with them the first time around, and prepare for a calculus test. Regarding sports and my social life, I plan to cut my cross country race time down to 27 minutes, and travel to El Paso for the One Direction concert with my best friend for her birthday.


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