Water Electrolysis

In chemistry today, we used a battery, a cup with conductive tacks punched into it, two small test tubes, pH indicator, and deionized water to identify the production of hydrogen and oxygen gases. The balanced equation for the reaction was 2H20–> 2H2+ O2, and there was qualitative data that supported this chemical reaction. Visually, there was a difference in amount of gas produced. Twice as much hydrogen was produced in comparison to oxygen. To ensure this observation, we used a pH indicator in the test tubes to differentiate the gases. The oxygen turned blue, while the hydrogen turned red.

Without pH indicator.

With pH indicator.









Quantitative data could also ‘prove’ the balanced reaction, by way of measuring the amounts of hydrogen and oxygen produced. This could be done by measuring the mass of the solution prior to the reaction, and comparing it to the mass after the gas production. If measurements were taken, the masses should have a two mole: one mole ratio. Particle diagrams such as the one below can also model what occurs in this reaction.


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