Three Questions 8/14/14

1. What tasks have you completed recently? 

Recently, I have completed all of the tasks necessary for “back to school”, including supply shopping, schedule rearranging, and laptop shopping. Regarding school assignments, I have completed a chromatography lab and numerous calculus assignments.

2. What have you learned recently?

Recently, I have learned that time management is an essential this year. With six AP classes and multiple club offices, it is going to be a very busy year, and I need to rise to the occasion. In terms of classes, I have reviewed chemistry and pre-calculus concepts, learned about emotional appeals, and discussed the basic concepts of psychology. In chemistry, I learned that the process of chromatography is used to physically separate dyes through a lab experiment.

3. What are you planning on doing next?

Next, I am planning on scheduling out my month in order to stay organized and on the ball with my classes and extra curricular activities. Also, I plan to join cross country and begin guitar lessons.


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