Beans in a Pot

In our most recent mini lab, we used beans to represent atoms, and from the weight of fifty “atoms”, we the calculated relative mass. After that, we found how many beans were in a pot by adding beans one by one onto the balance until we reached the relative mass. A ‘pot’ of beans is the number of beans it takes to reach the relative mass of the “atom”, or bean.The relative mass is used to determine the number of beans in a pot because the relative mass is an approximation of the mass of the pot. 

As we later discovered, the ‘pot’ of beans truly represented a mole. A mole is a unit of measurement that utilizes the relative mass of an atom in finding the amount of any element. This ‘pot’ is a good model for the mole because the mole is based off of the number of atoms in a relative mass, similar to the ‘pot’. When it comes to the mole, the relative mass of hydrogen is used, because it has the smallest atomic weight of all elements.


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