The Composition of BB’s

In our mini lab yesterday, our goal was to find what the BB’s were composed of. We came to the conclusion that, based on our results, they were composed of zinc. Other classmates had results that produced higher densities, so they found the BB’s to be composed of iron and steel, but our densities were slightly lower. Our conclusion is supported by our calculated densities for each amount of BB’s. The average density was around 7.024, and the density of zinc is 7.140g/ml.

Our data is reliable, but only to a point. We did not measure to the thousandths, and therefore our accuracy was impaired. Also, we did not remember to measure the water at the meniscus, so that possibly impacted the validity of our results. On the other hand, our calculations were performed tediously, so there is no doubt in my mind that they are correct.

Unfortunately our measurements were not very precise. We did not read to the thousandth of a decimal point, as we should have. In addition, our densities were not consistent, which shows that we either made a mistake in calculations or in measurement. These are mistakes my partner and I will be sure to correct in future labs.


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