My Passion

For as long as I can remember, and throughout my whole life, my passion has been gymnastics. Growing up, I did not mind spending twenty four hours out of my week in the gym, even though I missed out on social activities and some of the simple pleasures of daily life. I was so enthralled with the sport that I did not realize what I was missing. In foresight, I might have done things differently, or pursued one of my other passions such as horseback riding or soccer. This being said, my overall experience with gymnastics was positive. I learned who I was, who I wanted to be, and how to treat other people. Gymnastics taught me perseverance, hard work, and confidence. It also taught me how to put my faith in someone, because when a coach is spotting you on a skill that could literally kill you, you have to place your trust in them wholeheartedly. All of these reasons aside, the main source of my passion for the sport  stemmed from the level of difficulty. Whenever you mastered a skill, there was always another, even more difficult one waiting just around the corner. In addition, I loved the fact that I could do things the average person could not do. How many people can flip through the air at any given place and time? Not very many, that’s for sure. For all of these reasons and more, gymnastics is, and always will be, my passion.

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This quote truly sums up my passion for gymnastics.





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