Bouncy Ball Lab

In our bouncy ball lab, the main objective was to make a ball with the most bounce by finding the best combination of ingredients. In my partner and I’s experience, the property that determines a “good” bouncy ball are the proportions of ingredients; the proportion of sodium borate, water, and glue. Depending on the ratio of these ingredients, the ball can be too sticky, too misshapen, or it can be perfectly round and solid. We found that the best proportion of ingredients was a combination of 10 grams of sodium borate to 100 ml of water, and a proportion of .5 ml of sodium borate solution to five grams of glue. The proportions of sodium borate and glue matter because they influence the level of polymerization, therefore impacting the shape, texture, and density of the bouncy ball. We determined the best proportions through trial and error. We changed one variable at a time, so that we could understand whether the change in proportions was helpful or detrimental to the creation of a successful bouncy ball. Other than that, we simply made an educated guess depending on the outcome of our experiment, and then went from there, trying a different ratio in hopes of making a ball with more bounce. Our method matters because it is important to only change one variable at a time so that you can tell how the change impacts the consistency of the bouncy ball, and then decide whether the change was positive, negative, somewhat helpful, or completely ineffective, and so on and so forth.

Our Final Product


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